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Dr. Eisenstein the Pirate See's Vaccine Damage Ahead

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Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate!


Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate! is a result of Dr. Eisenstein's lectures on vaccinations. Dr. Eisenstein brings his knowledge as a physician, public health doctor and attorney to help educate you on this very important subject. Dr. Eisenstein presents scientific literature both pro and con vaccine. He comes to the conclusion that scientific studies alone will not be enough to decide the benefit vs. the risks of vaccine programs. Therefore, he concludes that personal religious convictions, not scientific studies, are the main reasons, upon which to base your vaccination decision. Unlike most other physicians, he feels parents have a right to be involved in the final decision about vaccinating their children. He discusses vaccine law, religious exemptions with a heavy emphasis on the Illinois law. Don't Vaccinate Before You Educate! will be the beginning of a path to educate families with regard to childhood vaccines.


This book is not meant to convince you to vaccinate or not vaccinate your children but to open your eyes to the ongoing debate.

Education as defined by Webster's College Dictionary:

To impart knowledge to; provide with information; to educate consumers

To educate means to widen one's horizons. I hope that this book will be educational with regard to the vaccine issues and inspire you to become more educated with regard to the risk vs. benefits of vaccine programs.

I have included just a few of the many pro and con scientific vaccine studies. Many more can be obtained by going on the internet to the multiple vaccine sites as well as to the on-line versions of some of the most prestigious medical journals (BMJ, AMA, Pediatrics, Lancet, Journal of Disease of Children).

I hope this book leads you to do more research as well as think about your religious and spiritual convictions. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve so many families. God bless.

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Dr. Eisenstein's Newest book is now available.


Dr. Eisenstein's newest book is now available:
The current schedule of recommended vaccines is so crowded that doctors give babies several shots during a single office visit -- up to eight vaccines all at one time. Parents -- and doctors -- often forget that vaccines are drugs. How often do we, as adults, take that many drugs at the same time? Would we be more surprised if we did or did not have an adverse reaction?
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein has practiced medicine, delivered babies, and provided families with preventive healthcare services for over 35 years. This honest guide to childhood shots was written especially for concerned parents. With Dr. Eisenstein's help, it is now possible to make informed vaccine decisions.
In this book you will learn...
* The prevalence and seriousness of each disease, including who is most at risk.
* How each vaccine is made, with a complete list of ingredients.
* Side effects of each vaccine, with a summary of significant studies.
* Precautions parents can take to protect their children.
* Includes Mercury in Vaccines: A Link to Autism
and more.............


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